Friday, 23 April 2010

KLS Beats - Mix 2 for REBELRADIO.FM - Spring Beats!

KLS Beats is back representing supremely once again with da head noddin, body poppin' mix of hip hop, garage, dubstep + electro


KLS Spring Breaks RRDFM mix 2

1-Snoop dogg & d-lo - no hoe
2-debruit- 149 dalston airline
3-dan wilde- number one
4- bassnectar- backpack rehab feat. Cates6 dpl
5- jammer- better than
6-hetagon-this is london (feat. Creamo)
7-sharky major- shark attack
8- sonora-2step
9- the boogaloo crew- calling all dancers
10- marcus visionary- mabaruma
11-begal-wave modulation
12-dj xed- freak
13- robodrum- the message
14- n-ter- detroit technology
15 kanji kinetic- dickhed (feat shiftee moova)
16-jay brooks- cannonball
17- imagen heap- hide and seek (afrojack remix)

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